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Nature and tradition on Purocarmignano

One passion: Our land

Carmignano. Toscana. Italia. In this land, lives together, in perfect harmony, vineyards, olive groves and woods.
The farm Puro Carmignano. was born in the territory of Carmignano a perfect place for who love nature and genuine products. A farm where the passion for the land is combined with natural products,
obtained by traditional techniques (such as hand-picking the olives, or the production of “millefiori” honey, as done in the past by our by our ancestors farmers). The nature gives us its fruits, we try to turn them to the fullest,
getting authentic and tasty products.

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Olive oil: The Green Gold of Carmignano

10 hectares of land with different varieties of olive trees: Moraiolo, Piangente, Leccino e Frantoiano, all these varieties to keep intact all the flavor of the olive oil that has always characterized this area of the Tuscany.
All the olives are collects by hand, and the fruits are brought to the mill within 24 hours, in order to obtain a superior quality of extra virgin olive oil.
An olive oil with an authentic and genuine flavor, of an “intense green”, fruity, softly bitter and tangy.

The final product is bottled in steel containers ranging from 250 ml. up to 5 lt.; this to keep intact the color and the taste.

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